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1. Using the blogen Admission to blogen It is assumed that the user accepts the blogen policies and procedures well The blogen All rights reserved without prior notice of any change, modification, suspension or cancellation of any particular agreement.

2. Account Creation and Suspension User account creation This can be done by connecting to the user's other social network accounts and if CatDump detects that any misinformation has been made to the website's practices. Or having done content that violates the rules Guideline Or the Kat Dumb team thinks that the content is considered spam And not suitable for other content On the blogen website Will be able to remove that content Or suspend the user account

3. Type of content written The written content must be relevant to the selected category. And is correct and appropriate There is no spam character. Content that is not readable Or content that Copy-Paste and contrary to the rules of other blogen team Both the Cat Dumb team And fellow cat gang members Able to choose to press vote for each content. If content is found to be ineffective, it will receive a negative vote. And this often leads to the suspension of the user account as well.

4. Limitations in writing content. If it is content that is not owned by itself Users must attribution online or offline. Always complete In order to properly credit the work owner If the content is considered to cause damage to the owner of the work blogen will consider removing that content. In order to protect the interests of the owner of the work

5. Copyright Agreement Content written on the website If it is a user's writing Will be regarded as the copyright of the user himself The blogen is only a medium of dissemination of content. Users can publish content for publication, publication or distribution in other channels. Unconditionally But if the content is infringing and causing damage The user agrees to be held responsible for that as well.

6. Disclaimer of the Company The company reserves the right not to be responsible for any content published by the author. There is a violation of the suitability of normal content published via Cat Duck. The use of the service is at the discretion of the user and the user is responsible for all possible damages.

7.Claims for damages The user agrees to monitor, supervise, pay compensation and not cause any trouble to the Company. Company representative Or someone else From claims for damages, losses, expenses such as attorney's fees arising from the user's use of the website or application, or the breach of the terms and conditions of these terms and conditions or the act of Any of the User's account (such as neglect or wrongdoing) by the User or any other person who has access to the Services or access the Account in the User's account name.

8. Privacy Information All information provided by the user or collected by the company. In connection with the service, it is in accordance with the Company's privacy policy. Under the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act 2019 and other relevant laws

9. Users must not cause damage. For both oneself, fellow members and cat dumb If the use violates normal blogen practices And cause damage Whether to the website, company or third party The user is ready to be responsible for such damage. User access to or access to the Company's website Constitutes an acceptance of the agreement And will be bound by the conditions of the company For liability for damages resulting from use or access to the website or application